The Seven Cities

The City of Iro

Patron: The Goddess of Wisdom

Built in metal and glass and powered with steam, Iro is far more advanced than the other six. The Iroshi have no military, they remain neutral in times of war, and have been known to supply weapons to both sides so long as they’re paid. The Iroshi rely on mathematics and science, which they trust more than magic. They have little respect for the environment and often regard the Gods with contempt, their skies are black with pollution. They are obsessed with machines, particularly poisons and flying devices. Iro is ruled by a Council of Inventors elected by the people. Prestigious academies for both moon and sun-inclined students. Children are a rarity, the Iroshi are strict and uptight, too zealous in their pursuit of knowledge to pursue love as well.


The City of Jakaishu

Patron: The Goddess of the Sea

Built off the coast of the island, the Jakaishu love the sea. Most of their food consists of fish, clam, oysters, seaweed, and crab, they love to fish and swim. No other city would dare go to war with them at sea, as they have the most powerful navy in the Crescent. All proper Jakaishu yearn to sail all seven seas, an accomplishment none have yet achieved. Their city is built on the water and sinks beneath the sea during the day. The city is built of marble, pearl, and sea glass to withstand the pressure. Jakaishu families are large, women have as much as sixteen children and multiple partners. There is little sense of loyalty amongst partners, and polygamy is common.


The City of Varankh

Patron: The God of War

Varankh is the largest city, spanning over the entire island. They are a nation of war, with the largest and most powerful standing army in the Crescent. Men and women alike are violent and know how to fight. “The Varankhese way” is killed or be killed. The Varankhese love to challenge the existing rules and create new lawless codes. While the Varankhese are fond of gambling, guns, and wine, they love nothing more than money. There are over fifteen major gangs, and many more rise and fall each day. There are five prominent ones: Siren Queens, Red Aces, Ivory Arrows, Bone Hawks, and Shadow Bandits. In times of foreign war, gangs nearly always unite.


The City of Qiyojiang

Patron: The God of Justice

Ruled by an Emperor and Empress, the Qiyoshi are rich and luxurious. Qiyojiang is nicknamed “the Upside Down city”, located in the Qiyoshi caves and built from the top down. Qiyoshi favor strength in the form of martial arts, and often hold tournaments. They worship their ancestors, with emphasis honor and respect. They are known for their food, and dominate trade in the Crescent. The people are uptight, formal, and strictly civilized.


The City of Oakhaan

Patron: The Goddess of Death

The Witches of Oakhaani worship the Goddess of Death. They are obsessed with the concept of reanimating the dead, and live in a city built of white bone. The witches practice magic and incantations granted to them by the Goddess, they have the ability to cast curses and lift them. They are feared widely throughout the Crescent, and only the God of Life can neutralize their powers. The Oakhaani Canal divides the sea route between the northern and southern islands, merchants and pirates must have the approval of the witches to pass.


The City of Taf-Manek

Patron: The Goddess of Eternal Night

“Taf” meaning God and “Manek” meaning island. The Maneki are miners, fond of gems and gold and other raw materials. They are an expressive, hardy people, and their trade is closely linked with the Iroshi. The Maneki can see in the dark, and they dislike exposure to the sunlight. Many materials in the Maneki mines are not found anywhere else in the Crescent. They often face starvation, their island’s soil is hard and rocky, unable to be tilled, so they depend on other countries for food and luxury goods. Their city is underground, they mine by day and come out only in the moonlight.


The City of Novakira

Patron: The God of Fire

The founders of Novakira unwisely built their city within and around the recesses of a giant volcano, which is on the verge of explosion. Only daily sacrifices to the God of Fire will prevent such a disaster. The Novakirans will do anything to appease their God, from killing their own kin to going to war, interpreting visions from their leader receives from him.