12 Ways To Become a Successful Writer

1. Never use ‘said’. Said is very overused, if you use it your editors will think your writing is plain and generic. Great alternatives include ‘remarked’ or ‘retorted’. Bonus points if you use advanced words, like ‘ejaculated’. 2. Always use adverbs. Adverbs are an excellent way to get your point across without putting any effort … Continue reading 12 Ways To Become a Successful Writer

What I Love (and Hate) About Being A Writer

Being an author can be satisfying, frustrating, exciting, and disappointing all at once. I’ve been writing since before I could write. When I was four, I’d steal sheets of paper out of the printer, staple them together, and get my Dad to write my words down for me. Those were my first books, and I … Continue reading What I Love (and Hate) About Being A Writer

Moody Dumpling: First Post

You are here for one of three reasons: You’re a family member who is either curious to read my content or checking to make sure I’m not giving out dangerous personal information. Don’t worry, Mom, I’m saying safe on the internet! *waves* You’re familiar with my content on my social media (most likely Instagram) and … Continue reading Moody Dumpling: First Post