Gods and Goddesses

Worship of the fourteen celestial bodies remains the most common form of religion among the seven cities, although faith in the Gods has faded with newer generations. Between one and seven suns/moons may rise on any given day/night. As a result, each heavenly body is associated with a specific deity. Whenever they’re not patrolling the skies, the Gods take refuge in the Palace of Moon and Sun.

God of Eternal Day (Taiyang) and Goddess of Eternal Night (Hei’an)

The King and Queen of the Gods. They keep order and balance between their children. Taiyang dictates how many suns will rise that day, Hei’an does the same with nights.

God of Justice and Order (Zhengyi) and Goddess of Wisdom and Thought (Zhihui)

Zhengyi makes all the final decisions relating to crime and punishment in mortal and divine affairs. Zhihui spins new ideas and walks the dreams of mortals, guiding them along their paths.

God of Life and Birth (Shenghuo) and Goddess of Death and Decay (Si)

Shenghuo breathes life into mortals, and Si decides when to take that breath away. Si keeps track of dead souls, storing them as she sees fit.

God of Sky and Storm (Tian) with Goddess of Sea and Star (Haixing)

Tian controls the nature of the weather. Haixing lays constellations of her own design, and ensures the calmness of the seas. Haixing consistently includes animals of the Chinese Zodiac, so cities are able to find their way. Both are notoriously temperamental.

God of War and Chaos (Hundun) with Goddess of Love and Beauty (Ai)

The God of War and Goddess of Love use their powers to influence mortal thoughts. Ai is called upon during marriage ceremonies, and the God of War is called upon before battles.

God of Fire and Steel (Huo) with Goddess of Ice and Snow (Xue)

Huo is present in every flame and inferno, Xue keeps the snows cold. They are not often called upon.

God of the Past (Guoqu) with Goddess of the Future (Weilai)

Guoqu records events of history, while Weilai spins the future of every mortal and divine being in a never ending tapestry of fate.