What is it?

The #kyybookclub is a community of authors (and book bloggers) who work together to promote each other’s work. The book club is currently only open to public accounts on Instagram, though I have plans to expand it to Twitter and Tumblr.

Why should you join?

Are you publishing a book? Want to promote your latest blog post? Hosting a cool giveaway? If you’re part of the #kyybookclub, other members will advertise your content on their Instagram accounts.

By joining #kyybookclub, you will be in a community of people who share a passion for reading and writing. It’s a great opportunity to interact with like minded people online and discover new accounts. Some people may even discover you!

If you want tips or support for your account, you will have a connection with other bloggers in your niche to back you up and give you advice.

How to Join

  • Have an Instagram account
  • Follow me (@k.y.yuan) for updates
  • Message me that you would like to join as well as your email address. This is so you can contact me if you want to advertise via #kyybookclub. This is also so I can contact you if I need you to advertise someone else on your story.
  • Understand that by agreeing to join, you MUST help to promote other #kyybookclub member’s work. I get that not everyone is active all the time if you don’t get to posting right away.
  • In your Instagram bio, please identify yourself as a member of #kyybokclub in some way or form. (e.g. “Proud member of #kyybookclub or at least include the hashtag).

Current Members

#kyybookclub (main)

  • Wren (@teenwritersblog)
  • Olivia Bennett (@olivia.j.the.wordshaker)
  • Ely Torres (@elytorresauthor)
  • Canaan Carpenter (@canaancarpenterofficial)
  • Ciko and Feka (@cikofeka_bookstagram)
  • Sarah Simon (@that_short_writergirl)
  • Angeliki “Angel” Tzolopoulou (@read.with.angel)
  • Akshi Jain (@_always_reading_)
  • Chris Chettissery (@_worldtoday)
  • MacKenzie Hamilton (@boozebrunchnbooks)


  • Lois Lim (@cosybookcorner)
  • Eleanor Grace (@thecarrotstories)
  • Shubha Roy (@bookishbourbon)
  • Clare Flores (@clarelovesbooks)
  • Jia Hui (@mythicalpages)
  • Bianca (@anotherbooklove)
  • Mel Ingrid (@mel_ingrid.writer)
  • Sharon (@imthatreader)
  • Vina (@vinareads)
  • Cassiopee (@the.fanbook)


  • Shelly (@pagesofsylvan)
  • Everlinet (@everreads)
  • Jessica (@oddandbookish)
  • Harriet (@madmenandminstrels)