About Me

Hi there! *waves*

I’m Yuan Yuan (not a typo, it’s the same word twice) and I love writing fantasy novels and taking pictures for Instagram. Apart from blogging, I enjoy sugary frappuccinos, movie soundtrack, and walking in the occasional fashion show. I’m a sucker for all things bookish, especially candles, and I love my two dogs more than I love most human beings.

Behind The Name

So hey! If Yuan Yuan is your first name and Kong is your surname, then why is your shortened name K. Y. Yuan? Shouldn’t it be Y. Y. Kong?

So being an author, I did a bit of inventing here. In China, surnames go before last names, so my name would be Kong Yuan Yuan. I chose to use that order when I shortened the first and middle part.

For those of you who’d like to pronounce it correctly, YUAN is simply the words ‘you’ and ‘Anne’ put together. KONG is more complicated. In Chinese, the -ong sound is a long o, so the o in KONG would sound similar to the o in ‘cone’.

What To Expect

I post my takes on various books, movies, TV shows, current events, and celebrities. I will include tips, character analysis, reviews, rants, updates of my writing progress, and previews of my latest projects. In addition, I’ll include plenty of personal updates, Instagram hacks, and snapshots of my photography!

I try to update with new content at least twice a week, alternating posting on Tuesdays/Thursdays and Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays.

Current Projects

I am in the querying process of a YA fantasy novel called A REIGN OF ROSES, which deals with the lies and crimes of two rival families in a fictional universe.

My second book, a stand-alone novel currently titled THE BIGGEST, BADDEST, F-WORD, is in the works.

An ongoing project of drabbles featuring fictional characters from existing works, called FANTASYLAND, is also in early stages of development.

For more details, go check out my Projects section in the menu.

Rating System

When I rate books and movies, I use a system I like to call Rotten Dumplings. It’s expressed in percentages , 100% being perfect and 0% meaning downright awful.

80-100: ripe

60-79%: turning

0-59% rotten

And yes, I say Rotten Dumplings instead of Rotten Tomatoes because I am Chinese.

Social Media

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+

Twitter: @yuanyuanwrites

Instagram: k.y.yuan

Tumblr: kyyuan

Google+: Yuan Yuan Kong