The Gods and Goddesses

The God of Imminent Day and The Goddess of Eternal Night

These are the Father and Mother of all Gods (some theorize they were also brother and sister). They dictate how many suns and moons rise each day, and rule over their children and grandchildren.

The God of Justice and Order and The Goddess of Wisdom and Thought

The God of Justice knows all truths, and dictates crime and punishment. He is often called upon to make final decisions in court. The Goddess of Wisdom knows every thought of every mortal on earth, and is responsible for planting ideas in the minds of inventors and artists.

The God of Life and Birth and The Goddess of Death and Decay

The God of Life breathes live into mortals, and the Goddess of Death takes that breath away.

The God of Sky and Storm and The Goddess of Sea and Star

The God of Sky controls the the clouds, the rains (or snow), and the storms. The Goddess of the Sea determines the nature of the water, and arranges the stars each night.

The God of War and Chaos and The Goddess of Love and Beauty

The God of War instills thoughts of war and violence, while the Goddess of Love instills lust and devotion. They are tasked with keeping mortal numbers under control.

The God of Fire and Steel and The Goddess of Ice and Snow

These twins give mortals the powers of inclination (mortal ability to manipulate the light of the sun and moon). They have the power to withhold, take away, and restore inclination when necessary.

The God of the Past and The Goddess of the Future

These twins weave a tapestry: the God weaves the history of the world, and the Goddess determines how all things come to be with threads of fate.