A Reign of Roses

Project Type: Novel

Genre: YA Fantasy

Status: Completed (querying stage)


In A Reign of Roses, the people of Maidenvale worship the goddess Lor, who controls the seven suns and the sixteen moons. When two prominent families claim they have Lor’s favor and fight for control of the city, the suns and moons begin to vanish from the sky.

The Serenhardts have ruled for two generations, but their lineage is in jeopardy. Cass Serenhardt is cursed, the first person in hundreds of years to be born without magical powers. The Serenhardts have successfully concealed his weakness from the rest of the world, but the Delarosas know the truth.

Naverne Delarosa is the tool of her determined mother, who believes Naverne is Maidenvale’s true heir and that Cass is the key to overthrowing the Serenhardt dynasty. Yet as infinite as her mother’s ambition is, Naverne has no interest in taking power. Instead, she finds herself haunted by monsters that torment her in her sleep. When she wakes covered in bloody physical evidence, she realizes she’s facing more than a bad nightmare.

With the assistance of a mythical bird and a magic chessboard, Naverne and Cass must work together to unearth the scandalous secrets their parents tried to bury. Yet all the while, the nights become darker and days colder as the goddess’ anger grows.


A Reign of Roses will be available for purchase soon.