Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

8 Common Applications Of Flexible Polyurethane Foam

by Dora Lowe

Most commercial and consumer products like furniture, beddings, and vehicle seats require cushioning. And, one of the best cushioning materials available today is flexible polyurethane foam (FPF). This article sheds light on FPF and its applications. 

What Is Flexible Polyurethane Foam?

FPF is a polymer manufactured by reacting isocyanates and polyols. The inherent cellular structure in flexible foam is responsible for cushioning by facilitating resilience and compression.

Applications of Expanding Foams

Numerous applications require flexible expanding foam use, including:

Movie industry

Specialists in the movie industry often use flexible polyurethane foam to make lightweight décor and special effects props. Also, they use polyurethane foam to fill various casting materials like polyurethane rubber and plastic.


The automotive industry relies on flexible polyurethane foam to make various components, including car seats, armrests, and HVAC systems. Furthermore, polyurethane materials also get incorporated in vehicle parts requiring NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) improvement.

Medical devices

Polyurethanes are essential in the preparation of medical devices and implants. Some of the medical applications of this material include making general-purpose tubing, surgical drapes, gloves, and various injection molded implements.


Flexible foam is relatively straightforward to cast into different shapes. As a result, specialists use it to provide convenient solutions like prosthetics for the physically challenged. Polyurethane foam moldings also make outstanding spinal body supports and cushions for patients that have undergone spinal fusion surgery.


Padded bedding components rely on flexible foam to boost support and provide optimum comfort. And, the bedding industry has made good use of FPF's qualities to produce larger and thicker products that are becoming increasingly popular.

Prototyping and tooling

Most industries use flexible foam to make accurate and fine-detailed prototypes and models. Plus, manufacturers of various tools nowadays use polyurethane foam to design accurate final tools faster and more affordably.


The durability, resilience, and comfort offered by flexible foam make it ideal for cushioning office seats, upholstered furniture, and stadium or auditorium bleachers.


If your industry deals with valuable products that need appropriate cushioning and protection from rough handling, try flexible foam. It is ideal for the packaging requirements of products like jewelry, electronics, and delicate agricultural products.

Carpet cushioning

Flexible polyurethane foam improves the longevity of carpets and makes them more comfortable. That is why it is vital for high-traffic settings that require a dependable solution. Plus, this material has an inherent design that boosts comfort without feeling excessively thick underfoot.



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