Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

Things To Keep In Mind When Ordering Custom Gears

by Dora Lowe

You may have a project that needs to transfer motion in a unique way. So instead of standard gears already available, you may need a custom set made from scratch. If you're going this route and want these custom gears working out, keep these things in mind throughout your search.

Optimal Design

Before you start working with a manufacturer to have custom gears made, you need to already have a good grasp on how the gear or gears need to be designed. Spend time figuring out important factors like size, shape, and special features.

The effort you put into the design phase for custom gears will lead to smoother manufacturing because you won't be going back and forth about different attributes. Instead, you'll know how the gears need to turn out at the end of manufacturing. Once you have an optimal design down, all that's required next is handing these design specifications over to a custom gear manufacturer.


Sometimes in order to refine your ideas for custom gears, ample testing is required. It enables you to see how feasible your ideas are and if they aren't, you can make corrections until testing shows you optimal results that you can stand behind.

You need to work with a custom gear manufacturer that is capable of putting your gears through rigorous testing after manufacturing. They can then show you the results, indicating things like heat tolerances, potential design flaws, and defects. With consistent testing, eventually, you'll get the custom gears shaped and sized perfectly. 

Manufacturer's Capabilities

Customizing gears is much different than just making something standard, and you need to remain cognizant of this fact when looking for a gear manufacturer. It will help tremendously when they have a lot of experience customizing gears from scratch and working with clients that have different ideas on custom gears.

They'll already know the design and manufacturing process and that can lead to high-quality custom gears a lot quicker. Conversely, if you hired a manufacturer that is accustomed to just making standard gears, a number of obstacles could lead to a more stressful and inefficient process.

Custom gears are sometimes required for motion-transferring operations with unique needs. As long as you put in time studying the right things leading up to working with a custom gear manufacturer, you'll be in the right place to receive high-quality custom gears that work great without lingering design flaws and defects. 


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