Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

4 Skills You Should Perfect Sooner Rather Than Later as a New Business Executive

by Dora Lowe

You rose through the ranks quickly. You worked your way up in the industry, and now you're at the top of the game as a business executive. Your success is certainly worth celebrating, but if you want to remain successful, it is important not to rest on your laurels. As a new business executive, there are a few skills you should learn and perfect in order to ensure you keep managing your people and your business properly.

1. Leadership

Think back over the past few years of your career. Which managers and higher-ups have motivated you the most? Chances are, those people were good leaders. They knew what to say to you and how to respond to your questions in a way that encourages you, rather than discourages you. In other words, they were good leaders. One of the key things you will learn in an executive coaching program is how to be a good leader. You'll learn how to get the most out of the people beneath you by encouraging them, rather than by relying on punishment and fear.

2. Strategic Thinking

You can't just be thinking about tomorrow. You need to be focused on a month, a year, and ten years from now. You need to be devising business strategies that will allow your business to thrive in the future. A good coaching program will help you focus on thinking several steps ahead. Basically, you will learn to consider several different moves you could make and then work through how each one could impact your business in the long-term. This helps you select the action that will be best years from now.

3. Presentation Skills

Chances are, you have given plenty of presentations on your rise to the top. But the image you'll be expected to give off now that you're an executive is a bit more formal. In a coaching program, you can have professionals watch you present and offer feedback. Take this feedback into consideration to hone your presenting skills until they're top-notch, executive status.

4. A Change Mindset

Humans tend to like consistency and avoid change. The idea of change can, therefore, make you a bit uncomfortable. But as an executive, you must learn to face and embrace change. You'll need to constantly be making changes to better your business and stick with the times. A good training program can help you learn to make changes more effectively and without feeling overwhelmed by the process.

Onward and upward — that should be your mentality and your goal as a business executive! With the skills above, you'll be set to go.


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Starting Your First Business

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