Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

Oh, Happy Forklift Day! When You Finally Can Move A Weighty Issue

by Dora Lowe

Forklifts are such useful things. They can move pallets of goods around a warehouse, and they can gently lift a downed cow onto her feet again. They can put objects 12 feet above your head without sweating a muscle and lift roofing supplies to the third story of a mansion. If you have something heavy to move, you might want to call for forklift services in your area. Here are some other nifty projects a forklift service can help you with. 

Shift and Stack Salvage Cars in Your Junkyard 

The problem with having a salvage yard is that you often run out of space before you are able to purchase a car crusher and create more room. Some salvage yards just refuse to get crushers, and then they have to make room for cars in the most unconventional ways. Regardless of your stance on crushers, you can have a forklift service come out and build towers of wrecked cars about three or four cars high and several cars deep. It clears your property for more salvage and gives you more time to assess what you have for anything you can rebuild and/or resell. 

Forklift Through a Falling Garage

Every neighborhood has one, the old garage that looks as though it will blow down in the next windstorm. It leans so badly that nobody ventures inside, and yet something has to be done with it. As long as you do not need a demolition permit, and said garage is yours, you can hire a forklift and driver to pierce it and sort of plow it over from the side where it might do the most damage if it falls too far. 

While You Are at It, Forklift That Weird and Dying Tree

If you have a short, not very thick, but definitely dying tree that you no longer want in your yard, a forklift can try to scoop it up and pull it out of the ground with adjustable forklift prongs. The other thing that can be attempted is to tie a solid rope to the tree and then to the forklift. Once that's done, simply back up the forklift. Some pulling action may be all that is needed to uproot this thing. 

Get the Boulder Gone

Rockslides are common along the coasts. When big boulders block the roadway, it could take forever to clear. If they are not too big, a forklift can help remove them. 


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