Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

The Benefits Of Hydrovac Services

by Dora Lowe


Hydrovac services involve using a hydrovac excavation truck to remove dirt, soil, and rocks. The machine first uses water to dampen the area being excavation and then utilizes suction, much like a vacuum, to remove the softened layers of Earth. There are many benefits to using a hydrovac compared to doing excavation the traditional way, using people and shovels. Here are a few benefits associated with utilizing a hydrovac service for your next excavation project. 

Can Remove Dirt and Soil Significantly Faster 

One of the major benefits associated with hydrovac services is that they can remove dirt, soil, and other aggregate materials significantly faster than traditional methods. A truck suctions up the dirt and soil, removing items much faster than people can dig. This helps to reduce the labor costs associated with the excavation process and helps you to move on with the project you are actually excavating for in a more timely manner. 

Helps to Keep Employees Safe

Another major benefit associated with hydrovac services is that they help to keep employees safe. Excavating can be dangerous for employees. First off, shoveling is repetitive and laborious. It can lead to injuries. Secondly, the ground can collapse, or slides can occur, which can be dangerous for employees. When hydrovac excavation is being done, your employees are not in the trenches or the area being excavated, nor are they doing manual labor. This helps to keep your employees safer and reduces costs associated with workers' compensation benefits. 

A Hydrovac Removes the Unneeded Dirt and Soil

The final benefit associated with hydrovac services is that as the hydrovac suctions up all of the dirt and soil, it confines it in one area of the truck, removing it from the area. Typically, when an area is being excavated, a bunch of soil piles up beside the trench. Often, the trench is filled in with different materials, so that excess soil and dirt then have to be shoveled again to remove it from the area. A hydrovac can contain and remove the soil, so you are not having to shovel it and move it multiple times. 

Excavating in order to access a foundation, to lay pipes, or extend underground cables can be a time-consuming and laborious process. However, hydrovac services can make the process significantly faster while also increase employee safety. Contact a local hydrovac service today to obtain an estimate for your project.  


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