Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

Why Mezzanine Material Lifts Are Compatible With Most Facilities

by Dora Lowe

One of the most important parts of an industrial and manufacturing environment is to make sure that you lift heavy objects. When you are working with a mezzanine material lift, you'll be able to speed up the process of moving heavy equipment by loading the equipment on to the lift. They are especially useful for facilities that have multiple levels. You will be able to double your space to save money. For example, you'll be able to place vertical rows above your shelving units. There are several things you should keep in mind before you get started with mezzanine material lifts.

Existing Structures Vs. New Structures

If you have an already existing structure, you can have mezzanine material lifts installed. However, it's a great idea to also have them installed on a structure that is being built because the structure can be designed around the lifts.

Safety Standards

While they might look like an elevator, a mezzanine material lift is not an elevator and was designed specifically to be exempt from the standards that elevators are placed under. However, these are not lifts that are intended to be used by workers to reach a higher level of the platform. The workers will need a different way to reach the upper level, such as stairs.

Find out what safety features come with the mezzanine material lift. For example, there are many mezzanine material lifts that come with a call and send button, a door interlock and a door safety switch. These are designed to reduce the risk of injuries or damaged property. The safety features will cause the mezzanine lift to be in compliance with OSHA safety requirements.


Because every situation is unique, you'll likely need to choose a customized mezzanine lift. One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a mezzanine material lift is whether the lift is able to lift the amount of weight that you need it to lift. Typically, a mezzanine lift is designed to lift about 150 pounds, but you may need a mezzanine lift that weighs more. 


Even if you don't intend to stay in a location for awhile, there is no reason not to have a mezzanine lift installed. You'll be able to take the lift with you. You will typically not need to expand your facility outward. Instead, you can have the mezzanine lift work for you.


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