Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 To Your Business? Here's What You Can Do To Make The Transition Easier

by Dora Lowe

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your business more efficiently managing your accounting, sales and marketing, IT, and even customer service divisions over time. But as the name suggests, this CRM software is dynamic and it can be tough to get everyone on the same page when teaching them how to effectively use it. Working with a consulting company can make introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your business an easy and seamless process. Here's how:

They'll Customize Your Configuration

Every business is different, so Microsoft Dynamics 365 features customizable configuration capabilities that can be used to tune the CRM program to the specific needs of your own company. Based on your current business practices and your future goals, you can count on the consulting company you're working with to identify what your needs are and then configure your Microsoft Dynamics 365 program accordingly. You won't have to worry about figuring out how everything works and how to make it all work for your business since all the legwork will be done for you.

They'll Automate a Variety of Processes

Whether you want to cut costs in your marketing department or make accounting easier on your team in the coming months and years, there are many processes that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant can automate for you. Your Dynamics 365 program can automatically send invoices to customers and prepare payroll for the accounting department.

It can plan and manage marketing email campaigns, and keep track of customer service phone calls as they come in. And your consultant will make sure that the automated processes aren't only programmed, but are tested and retested before your team members start using the system.

They'll Provide Initial Training and Ongoing Support

Once your Microsoft Dynamics 365 program has been set up, your consultant can provide your team members with basic training to get them started and to minimize any confusion that might develop as everyone gets used to the CRM system. They can provide training manuals for employees to refer to as time goes on, and they might even off online resources to help make more efficient use of your new CRM system.

And if you have questions or concerns or you want to make changes to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 program in the future, your consultant will be there to address your questions and walk you through the changes you're making at any time.

Schedule a meeting with a consultant or company like Third Stage Consulting Group to learn more about how they can help you and your team with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 program and your business.


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