Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

Why Incorporate The Orton-Gillingham Method In Your Classroom?

by Dora Lowe

When you have students in your classroom who are struggling to read, you can feel at a loss as to how to help these same students reach their ultimate potential. The students you care for trust you as their teacher and educator to help them succeed, and the district in which you are a leader also expects you to make sure your students are reaching their full potential. If you are not doing what you can to keep your students going strong, you can do more to help them succeed by incorporating the Orton-Gillingham Method into the classrooms.

What is this method of learning? How is it beneficial to students struggling to read? How can you ultimately help your students find success? Learn how you can incorporate this program into the classroom and why it's important.

You help lower-achieving students do better

Students who are not achieving the academic goals your school has put forward will drag the overall test scores and achievement levels of the classroom down, or they may require special attention that you or other educators in the school can give. Your students who have problems sounding out whole words and letters can benefit from the Orton-Gillingham Method and can quickly catch up to their peers.

Whether students are lower-achieving because they have a learning disability, a developmental delay, a language barrier, or a speech delay, this program can help them learn how to better sound out words and read more efficiently by incorporating multisensory learning into the reading protocol.

You help teachers teach at their best

The best way for students to learn is if they have access to teachers who are educated at their best potential for teaching their students. When you allow your students to have access to learning programs that work, such as the Orton-Gillingham Method and various teachings, you help teachers as well provide well for their students. You can have other teachers take a training course in this learning method so their students can have tutoring that is most beneficial to them, or you can introduce online versions of this program to teachers for them to later pass on to their students so they can have the best chance at making their education work.

This is a method that can be used on every student even though it is designed for those who struggle with reading and comprehension. You can have this method used in daily classroom activities or during special occasions.

For more information, contact a resource like the Pride Reading Program.


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