Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

3 Things You Need To Know About Consuming CBD Hemp Flower

by Dora Lowe

Hemp and the CBD found in it have moved into the spotlight recently. CBD from hemp plants is in the same family as marijuana, but it doesn't contain THC, the ingredient that gets you high from marijuana. Unlike marijuana, CBD is legal in all fifty states. CBD hemp flowers look a lot like marijuana flowers. Here are a few things you need to know about consuming hemp flowers.

You Can Smoke Hemp

Many people don't realize that you can actually smoke hemp. Hemp creates flowers or nugs that you can grind up and smoke. Two of the most common ways to smoke hemp are in a joint or a pre-rolled joint. You can also use a bong as you would with cannabis; however, this type of consumption of hemp is not as common as it is with marijuana.

Hemp Is Better Vaporized

Many people prefer hemp in a vaporized form provided via CBD oils. When you vape hemp, instead of smoke it, the consumption process is less harsh on your lungs and body. Additionally, smoking from a hemp vaporizer pen is a lot more discrete than rolling up and lighting a joint.

You can vaporize dried hemp in a dry vape pen, where you put in small amounts of dried herb and vaporize it. However, the far more popular way of vaporizing hemp is by using a hemp extract that is usually mixed with a little oil. You can easily get a hundred uses out of a single hemp oil CBD cartridge, making it a very economical way of smoking.

Hemp Can Be Consumed Many Ways

Hemp can be consumed in other ways too. You can find tinctures that you put under your tongue, kind of like you are taking your daily dose of medicine. You can consume a wide range of edibles, from the classic CBD gummies to the more advanced options, like drinks with CBD in them. There are even topical CBD applications, with CBD infused into lotions and salves that you can apply directly to a sore part of your body.

CBD hemp can help you feel better and help with a variety of health alignments. You can smoke it, although most people prefer to vaporize the dry herb or consume it in other manners. The key is to find the way that you most prefer to consume it and figure out what dosage is most helpful for your body. If this interests you, start by checking out things like CBD-infused oil.


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