12 Tips for Writing a Convincing Villain

  1. Your villain must constantly laugh evilly. Everyone knows maniacal laughter is tied to evil intent. If someone around you laughs maniacally, you should probably hit them with a bus before they try to take over the world.
  2. Redeeming qualities are weak. Don’t give your villain any of them.
  3. Your villain should most definitely be a man. No one will take a female villain seriously.
  4. Give your villain some disposable, equally-evil minions that can’t aim for shit.
  5. Have him threaten to kill the hero 100,000 times.
  6. The best villains are the talkative ones. If your villain has an evil plan, he must describe it in intricate detail to the hero before proceeding with it.
  7. The best villains wear black, or very, very dark gray.
  8. Bonus if he also wears leather, spikes, skulls, or long capes.
  9. Give your villain a tragic past that will immediately justify all their murderous actions.
  10. Give them an accent. Everyone knows foreigners are evil.
  11. Make sure your villain has a lair in a dramatic location, such as a manor, deserted island, or volcano.
  12. Villains always lose. Every single time. Happy endings all around!

Hope you enjoyed this latest post, and stay tuned for more bad writing advice (and seriously, don’t hit anyone with a bus)! Until next week,

Moody Dumpling


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