What I Love (and Hate) About Being A Writer

Being an author can be satisfying, frustrating, exciting, and disappointing all at once.

I’ve been writing since before I could write. When I was four, I’d steal sheets of paper out of the printer, staple them together, and get my Dad to write my words down for me. Those were my first books, and I keep them stored under my bed to this day.

I’m no expert, but I did discover a thing or two while writing my first novel. Here are three things I love (and I hate) about writing:


You’re either a description author or a dialogue author. I’m not particularly poetic, and I’d rather write a funny interaction between my characters than about how ‘the clouds gathered on a warm summer evening’.


Every author loves to hear positive feedback, but there’s a special place in my heart for constructive criticism. As hard as it can be to hear, an honest critique is one of the best ways to improve ones writing craft. Shoutout to my Uncle Terry, who had the grace to tell me my first chapter was “shitty writing”.


You can’t schedule good writing. All too often I find myself spending five minutes on one chapter and three hours on the next. There’s always that one paragraph that seems off, that one sentence that doesn’t flow with the rest. Balancing writing time with a social life and schoolwork can be quite the challenge. Sometimes you just want to print out your work-in-progress and watch the pages burn (I’ve never tried this, but I hear it can be quite therapeutic).


I’m a nice person in real life, but when it comes to fictional people I’m a level three serial killer. To all my future readers, if you don’t close A Reign of Roses sobbing your heart out, I haven’t done my job right.


Rejection is rough in any profession. I’ve sent out dozens of query letters over the past few months and received a few polite rejections; when they bother to reply at all. There are some days when I feel Naverne Delarosa and Cass Serenhardt will never be adored by readers. Hang in there, guys, I’m working on it.


I have no idea how it feels to send a child off to College, but I would imagine it’s somewhat like finishing a book. When I wrapped up A Reign of Roses over six months ago, I felt like a proud parent. Nurturing a book takes a lot of commitment and work, and seeing it all grown up is one of the best feelings in the writing world.

Do you agree with this list, or have anything you’d like to add? What posts would you like to see from me in the future? Let me know in the comments.

Until next week,

Moody Dumpling


6 thoughts on “What I Love (and Hate) About Being A Writer

  1. I also hate writing description !!! Not only because I find it quite boring but mostly because I find it really difficult to do !! Putting pictures of my mind into words can be quite challenging!!!
    But I loved your blog post it was really interesting to read 🙂


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