Moody Dumpling: First Post

You are here for one of three reasons:

  1. You’re a family member who is either curious to read my content or checking to make sure I’m not giving out dangerous personal information. Don’t worry, Mom, I’m saying safe on the internet! *waves*
  2. You’re familiar with my content on my social media (most likely Instagram) and have been directed from there.
  3. You’ve never met me or seen my content, and have simply happened upon this site by accident. To you I say, hang in there! Don’t leave yet, I’m interesting and relevant, and worth a subscribe!

Wherever you came from, I’d like to formally welcome you to my website. My true name is Yuan Yuan (not a typo, it’s the same word twice), though I more accurately refer to myself as the Moody Dumpling. I love writing, aesthetic photography, and watching too many movies. I’m a sucker for fashion, and I love my two dogs more than I love most human beings.


So hey! If Yuan Yuan is your first name and Kong is your surname, then why is your shortened name K. Y. Yuan? Shouldn’t it be Y. Y. Kong?

So being an author, I did a bit of inventing here. In China, surnames go before last names, so my name there would be Kong Yuan Yuan. I chose to use that order when I shortened the first and middle part.

For those of you who’d like to pronounce it correctly, YUAN is ‘you’ and ‘en’ put together. KONG is more complicated. In Chinese, the -ong sound is a long o, so the o in KONG would sound similar to the o in ‘cone’.


I post my take on pop culture, from the latest in movies to current events. I will include updates on my personal life (don’t worry, Mom, nothing too revealing), as well as previews of my upcoming novel, A Reign of Roses.

In addition, I include a monthly newsletter for my #kyybookclub, an online support group of readers, authors, and bloggers. I update with fresh content at least once a week.

I’m so excited to start posting, and I look forward to engaging with you all in the future.


Until next week,

K. Y. Yuan


Twitter: @moody_dumpling

Instagram: @k.y.yuan


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