My Top Picks: Instagram Apps

From editing photos to tracking new followers, safely navigating the web of Instagram can be a bit of struggle. Here are a few of my favorite apps that can help:


Linkt.ree – Though technically not an app, Linkt.ree is a tool that gives your followers access to several sites with a single link. This is very useful for Instagrammers with multiple social media accounts or rep codes. Sign up here.

UNUM – UNUM is great for Instagrammers with themed pictures. It allows you to insert potential photos and compare them with the rest of your feed. In addition, UNUM offers features that track your recent likes, comments, followers, and hashtags (you may have to pay for some of these services).


VSCO – VSCO studio is excellent for organizing your latest photos. They offer a variety of filters, shadows/highlights, fades, grains, vignettes, tints, and other photo features.

LightroomCC – Since evening photoshoots and cloudy days can easily ruin lighting, I use Lightroom to brighten and sharpen my photos, while still maintaining a natural look.

Instagram Stories

Canva – Instagram stories offer limited background and fonts. If you want a cool, new template to announce your latest giveaway, Canva has many lively designs you can use!

HypeType – Enables you to create animated stories and then upload them to your camera roll. You can even add music!

QOTD: What apps do you find most helpful? Which social media could you not live without?

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