Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

A Private Investigator Can Help You Determine If An Online Dating Match Is Safe Or Hiding Secrets

by Dora Lowe

If you're using online dating sites to find love again, you may wonder if you can trust the people you want to meet. Since there are scams and scary people out there, you don't know who is telling the truth and who isn't. 

You can't tell by a profile and pictures, so consider hiring a private investigator to do a background check on the person before you meet them or before you get too involved. Here's what a private investigator can do for you.

Fit Your Budget

An investigator can be expensive if you want surveillance and other detailed work that is charged by the hour. You may not want or need that much help to screen prospective dates. A simple background check can often provide all the details you'll need. A basic background check may be just an affordable flat-fee charge.

Find Out About Criminal History

One thing you'll want to know about is a criminal history, especially if the person hasn't admitted to having one. Some crimes might not be a dealbreaker, but an arrest for domestic violence is probably a good reason to avoid meeting or dating a person.

A criminal history check could reveal a past or current drug problem, sexual offenses, and other forms of crime. You would definitely want to know if a person you're planning to meet has any of these offenses in their background, especially if they are recent.

Learn About Financial Problems

A history of a recent bankruptcy might not bother you unless the person you want to meet claims to be financially fit. However, if a history of poor employment and financial problems exist, that might give you cause for alarm, especially if your finances are in order or you're wealthy. The person you're thinking of meeting might just be on the site looking for money or for someone to support them financially.

Learn About Past Marriages

A private investigator has access to public record databases that reveal quite a lot about a person. They may not find out about past romances, but they'll probably find records of marriages and divorces. This can confirm the person is really divorced as they claim. This might also help you determine if the person is being truthful with you or if they might be trying to scam you.

After the private investigator has completed their background search, they'll present you with a report. The information in the report can help you decide if you want to start dating someone or if you should stay away. If you decide to date, you might want a deeper investigation done when you start to fall in love or before you get married.

Reach out to a company like Lone Rock Investigations to learn more.


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