Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

How To Choose Effective Rain Gear For Your Work Crews

by Dora Lowe

If you want to buy some rain gear for your outdoor work crews, then you should do some research before you choose which products to buy. You'll give your workers weatherproof and comfortable clothing if you understand how it will work in bad weather.

What do you need to know?

The Difference Between Water-Resistant and Waterproof

As you start to look at work rain gear items, you will see that some clothes have a water-resistant rating while others have a waterproof rating. Both of these ratings tell you that a jacket or pair of pants can cope with some rain; however, they give different degrees of weather protection.

Water-resistant clothing will keep someone dry in lighter rain. So, if your workers get caught in short and light rain showers, then water-resistant gear should keep them dry.

However, water-resistant rain gear doesn't perform well if it gets very wet. If you are out in a longer or harder rain shower, then the clothing won't be able to keep rain out. It will allow water through its material and onto the body.

Waterproof rain gear is designed to deal with all rain conditions. It can keep people dry in even torrential rain. Its materials are strong enough to prevent water from coming through. This rating is the best option if your crews will ever have to work outdoors for long periods in heavy rain or storms.

The Difference Between Wind-Resistant and Windproof

Outdoor work crews don't just need gear to keep them dry, they might also need to deal with high winds at the same time. Rain and wind often go hand in hand. So, if your emergency crews go out in storms, then their work gear has to cope with rain and potentially high winds.

If their work gear doesn't have some built-in wind protection, then they will get cold on the job. The wind will go through materials that aren't strong enough to keep it away from the body. People will find it hard to work if the air between their bodies and their clothes gets chilled.

Rain gear that is also wind-resistant will keep people warm in light winds. These materials are enough to keep people warm if things get a little windy.

However, if your crews might be outdoors in mid-high winds, then you should buy rain gear that is windproof. These clothes are made from more robust materials that can protect people from more intense winds and cold air.

To find the right rain gear for work, contact workwear suppliers and ask about their outerwear ranges.


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