Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

3 Questions To Ask When Buying Estate Jewelry

by Dora Lowe

A piece of jewelry can tell the story of past eras. It is this historical and artistic value that, when combined with the intrinsic value of the precious metals and gems used to craft fine jewelry, helps to make estate jewelry so popular.

Investing in estate jewelry can be a great way to grow your collection. You can utilize the following three questions to help you better identify pieces that will only increase in value as time goes by.

1. Is the Piece in Good Condition?

Condition will play an important role in establishing the value of any piece of estate jewelry.

You should always take the time to inspect a jewelry piece in bright, natural light. This will allow you to spot any cracks in the enamel, repairs that have been made to the metal setting, or significant flaws within the gemstones.

Even a small amount of damage has the potential to lower the value of an item, so be sure that you thoroughly examine estate jewelry to find pieces that are in the best possible condition.

2. Is the Piece Stamped?

It takes a lot of skill and patience to craft a truly lovely piece of jewelry. The people who created many of the most desirable pieces of estate jewelry took credit for their work by stamping their pieces with a unique hallmark.

You should use a jeweler's loupe to identify any stamped markings on jewelry pieces that you are considering for purchase.

Not only will you be able to determine if the piece is highly collectible, but you will also be able to identify the type of metal used to make the piece to better determine its value.

3. Is the Piece Representative of the Period?

You should always strive to identify the time period in which a piece of estate jewelry was crafted. This information will help you evaluate the item against the predominant design motifs and production methods in use during that time period.

You want your estate jewelry collection to be filled with pieces that are truly representative of the periods in which they were crafted.

Investing in only the highest quality and most accurate estate pieces will help ensure that your collection will hold its value over time.

Purchasing a piece of estate jewelry gives you a glimpse into a bygone era. Make sure each estate purchase you make will add to the overall value of your collection.

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