Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

Tips When Using a Storytelling Video App to Create Family Legacy Videos

by Dora Lowe

As people start getting older, they start thinking about their life and past accomplishments. One way to organize these things is to use a storytelling video app. It can help you create a successful legacy video, which shows your life and gives family members a digital keepsake to cherish forever. You'll have success using one of these apps to create this special video thanks to these insights.

Be Concise With Wording

Successful legacy videos are those that flow well and feature important life events in a cohesive way without distracting the target audience. Think about this when using a storytelling video app to create your own legacy video when the time is right.

Think about how you can effectively condense major life events into a couple of sentences. That can help members of your family easily move through the video and remember important details that you're looking to highlight in an interactive way. 

Utilize Story Prompts

Many storytelling video apps come with helpful assistive features that are intended to guide users, especially those that have never used one of these apps before to create a legacy video. Story prompts are particularly helpful when using one of these apps.

They show different story ideas that you can include in your legacy video, whether it's major accomplishments or events that involved other family members. Using these prompts saves you from thinking about elements to include from scratch. That ultimately can help you create a legacy video a lot faster and also move past obstacles when you're not sure what to say about yourself. 

Select a Preferred Method of Sharing

Once your legacy video is complete, you have the opportunity to share it in different ways. That includes email, social media, and online dropboxes. You want to select a sharing method that you're comfortable with as to ensure your legacy video ends up at the right place.

Storytelling video apps typically have sharing technologies integrated into their design. You'll just need to put in some personal information on the sharing method you've selected. Then you can highlight which parties receive this legacy video and send it their way in a convenient manner.

Thanks to storytelling video apps, creating legacy videos for your family isn't that time-consuming or stressful. These apps include a lot of important features that make creating legacy videos a pretty straightforward process. In no time you'll have a professional legacy video that your family can pass on over the years. 


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