Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

Tips For Learning How To Play The Accordion

by Dora Lowe

It doesn't get a lot of love that it maybe should, but the accordion is a beautiful and unique instrument. If it has captured your attention and you want to learn how to play it, these tips make it possible to grow in the right ways. 

Purchase an Appropriate Accordion Type

Like guitars, drums, and keyboards, there are many different types of accordions available but they are not all intended for beginners. You definitely want to get a beginner model in an accordion so that you have an easier time learning the appropriate techniques.

Starting out, a basic accordion that has minimal features will be good. In addition to having an easier time learning the components, you won't have to spend as much. Then once you progress, you can get a more advanced accordion that potentially costs more.

Choose Self-Teaching or Professional Instruction

There are two ways you can learn this instrument. Either you can learn on your own in a self-teaching manner or you can opt for professional instruction. The self-taught way may be more difficult because you're doing everything alone, but it also won't cost you as much money.

If you do better with structure and professional advice though, professional instruction may be the best way to learn the accordion. Each lesson will be put together by a professional on this musical instrument, which ensures you learn the right things early on. 

Find a Position That You're Comfortable With

An instrumental action you can take when learning to first play the accordion is positioning this device correctly around your body. You ideally need to find a comfortable position so that you have no trouble reaching all of the keys and performing the necessary motions for minutes upon end.

Starting out, you may not know what position is ideal for your playing style and experience. It will come, though. You just need to keep changing positions until you find something that is comfortable and effective. It may be sitting down with the accordion on your knees or maybe you need to be standing, with the accordion secured to your shoulders using straps.

The accordion can become a musical instrument you enjoy playing for many years. You'll just need to give yourself enough time and perform the right things when learning how to play this instrument. If you run into trouble, keep pushing and make the right adjustments. 

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