Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

A Program That Will Aid With Compliance And Productivity

by Dora Lowe

Cannabis operations for medicinal purposes are growing in popularity in many parts of the United States. If you harvest and sell medicinal cannabis, a seed-to-sale tracking software program will aid you in reaching goals within your business plan.

A Program That Reduces Errors

Some laws already exist that require cannabis budtenders and operators to log information that is associated with the types of crops that are grown, the manner in which cannabis plants are harvested, the shipping locations of products, and financial gains.

If you reside in a state where you are mandated to use a particular software program, inputting information on a daily basis will ensure your compliance. If your business is located in a state where tracking software isn't required, you can benefit by investing in a program that will streamline your business operations and minimize errors.

Taking care of a lot of crops is hard work, You need to calculate how many plants are thriving, and you need to focus on choosing when to harvest crops and reseed specific parts of your property. This can result in having little time to dedicate to the sales aspect of your production. 

Using a software program that will allow you to input basic information and that will tabulate the totals for youInstead of writing down information that relates to your day-to-day operations can streamline your production process.  A cloud-based program contains spreadsheets that are labeled, plus an easy-to-follow list of guidelines that will aid with filling out each field. Instead of trying to calculate the total number of products yielded and the amount of money that you will be earning during a sale, you can focus on your plants.

A Way To Prevent Theft And Target Problems

Because you will be keeping track of every single seed and plant that is on your property, theft within your business won't be likely to occur. Each day, you can review the information that has been input and compare it with the number of products that are inside of your facility.

A seed-to-sale program will also help you pinpoint problems, such as inadequate sunlight, poor soil conditions, and a lack of space. If you notice a trend that is affecting your business in a negative manner, you can clearly identify each problem and make changes with various parts of the planting and cultivation process.

For more information about using a seed-to-sale tracking software to streamline your production, contact a local service provider.


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