Starting Your First Business

Starting Your First Business

What Are The Benefits Of Intelligent Transcription?

by Dora Lowe

If you have hearing problems and need to use transcription services to help you out in meetings, lectures, or conferences, then you need to choose the right solution for your needs. In some cases, intelligent transcription is the best option.

How does this type of transcription work and what are its benefits?

What Is Intelligent Transcription?

Regular transcription — often known as verbatim transcription — recreates speech exactly and completely. For example, if you have someone transcribe a lecture, then they write down every word that the speaker says. What you see on your screen or on paper is exactly what everyone else heard.

Intelligent transcription takes this service to a different level. Here, your transcriber condenses speech into key points. They write down what a speaker says, but they may cut out parts to make the ultimate transcription as clear and comprehensible as possible.

For example, an intelligent transcription service will leave out filler words or filled pauses. They won't transcribe words like 'umm' and 'ah'. They may remove redundancies or repeated phrases that don't affect the meaning of a sentence.

An experienced intelligent transcriber can also read a speaker's facial expressions or body language. They can use these non-verbal cues to ensure that they get down the correct meaning of a statement, sentence, or argument.

Why Use Intelligent Transcription?

There's no denying that verbatim transcription does a job. It gives you a completely accurate recreation of what was said in a given situation. However, these transcriptions can be tough to read.

You won't always get an immediate understanding of what a speaker said from a regular transcription. Speakers don't always follow linear and logical patterns. Sometimes, they waffle or take too long to make a simple point.

You will have to search out core information and extract it from everything they said.  You won't necessarily simply be able to read the transcript to find out what you need to know.

You may even have to read the transcript a few times or make condensed notes before you're happy that you have all the information you need. This is hard enough after the event; it doesn't work well in a real-time setting.

If you use intelligent transcription, then you can assimilate information much more quickly and effectively. You keep up. The transcriber lays everything out clearly and succinctly; they remove redundancies, waffle, and filler words. You even get extras like emphasis, humor, and opinion thrown in.

If you're interested in intelligent solutions, then remote TypeWell transcription services could be a good starting point. As well as delivering meaning-based solutions, this service also works in real-time if you need it.


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